I personally like the mini sawyer water filters good for 10000 gallons. Glass jars with tight lids work fine. We’ll need it for making a variety of repairs, like resoling shoes. The interior design is, as far as I know, made to take crappy gas. More importantly, what happens to that dollar when the government is gone? Liquid iodine can dry out, but the mineral is still good, but it’s very water soluble. 10 Awesome Food Ideas for Your Bug Out Bag, How To Make A Year-Round Self-Sustaining Garden (Video), 5 Ways to Make Survival Candles From Household Items. I use jet lighters with electric spark, and a small bright flashlight on the other end. Firewood. We can also cook over an open fire in the back yard. As food stocks run low and people are left with dry, tasteless foods to sustain them, they’ll be begging for something to liven up their meals. Keeping a variety of reading glasses around, in different magnifications, may help you to be able to do things as you age, that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. First-aid Supplies – If you ever want to see an environment ripe for injuries, just look at any place that has been hit by a disaster. That will kill all the microscopic pathogens, making it safe to drink. And an old treadle sewing machine that still works. eventually we will all have to live like they did in previous times, that’s means growing and rearing your own food, anything else is useless. Imagine how bad it’ll be when the stores are all looted and the raiders are coming for your homestead next. the rubber rings last for years if cared for (wash and store in an airtight plastic bag). In many SHTF scenarios, and even just in a flood, water will become a premium item. Bullion (also known as soup stock) – Anything can be turned into a soup or a casserole, if you have soup stock to go with it. Here is a list of non-food items you will also need to stockpile. Toilet paper will be a luxury after a while; barter this sparingly in the first weeks after the collapse to get the best trades later. That’s why I think being prepared with a full winter storm There are superior grades recommended by pipe-and-cigar sites. Germans, Irish, Italians who are related by blood, however distant, yet remember family. Butane and propane are stable as liquids unless heated to high temperatures If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. They just have a firm belief they’re never wrong. I'm also a passionate prepper. I agree Chuck. Just be sure to store these items in waterproof containers. We keep numerous gallons of stabilized gasoline and Coleman fuel; but, our main fuel source is a propane tank farm holding more than 3000 gallons after our recent summer fill. Look for items that can store for a long time without degrading. My latest acquisitions in this are the TurboBlue Multi Purpose Butane Torch Stick purchased on clearance (50% off) at Rural King. That grille is going to be a bit rough on your Teflon cookware. Something like 27 volcanoes on the Rim and under the sea are perking, spewing radioactive material. We really like the Off Clip On that has a small fan and works great. While we live in Arizona, you cannot burn it in the house (or shouldn’t) because it’s more toxic than wood. Research is what I do for a living. Humans are squishy and vulnerable, so it’s just a matter of time before someone needs antibiotic ointments, burn salve, or an aspirin for that pesky dehydration headache. Most people don’t store significant amounts of duct tape but will likely use up what they do have quickly in any disaster situation. When cooking, you really don’t need to have the huge charcoal bed that you are accustomed to having. Yeah, it’s a monster but if you need to cook for a family the smaller ones just won’t cut it. What is a nuclear blast sterilized the hens? A few yards of wicking doesn’t cost all that much and it will allow you to make your own candles. . I’ve never had these kinds of problems with inexpensive BIC mini lighters nor my cheap or expensive torches. Pads of blank and lined paper, pencils, and board games will all fetch impressive barter offers. Suddenly, a deck of cards or a good book will start to look very appealing. Personal Hygiene Supplies – While we’re talking about TP, we don’t want to forget things like soap, toothpaste, and shampoo. The main watermelon in the patch is called Ancient. Thank you. The average human can last about 3 – 7 days without water. I didn’t think of that, but we’re solar, anyway. Iodine, barely few drops, can purify a gallon. Google+. We have a full freezer, but here, a solar dryer is the best thing, then plenty of chilis to keep out bugs. Wood takes about 6 – 12 months to become dried, for home uses. Herbs and spices often have a shorter shelf life, but even when they start to lose flavor and freshness, people won’t care. Thank you in advance! Now, go spend your soon-to-be-worthless dollars on items that’ll actually be worth a damn when society crumbles! Butane stoves are nice too.. but many don’t know that Butane will not work in cold weather. Items to Stockpile for SHTF Bartering 1. Just be sure to dispose of them safely so they aren’t dug up by animals or provide a breeding ground for pathogens. Alcohol – Probably the best barter item there is. You should also avoid candle wax, since all too often candles contain additives & scents, that should not be ingested. Even if you’re surrounded by snow that you can melt if necessary, there’s no way to tell what’s in it. Related: Ammo Storage Tips Every Prepper Should Know. If for nothing more than shoe & boot repair. around when SHTF. There’s just one problem with it, I have yet to meet a fisherman who doesn’t lose hooks, lures and other gear on a regular basis. A bro on Preppers sent me tepary beans, the original domesticated North American bean. Setting up bat houses can also attract bats that will eat those pesky insects. Candles – Speaking of that wicking, it would be a good idea to have a bunch of candles, already made, on hand. Impossible to stockpile too much.. 7. Food. I keep plenty of flints, fluid, and replacement wicks. My common sense comes I think from a lack of ego, since as an engineer you cannot have your feelings hurt when you have failures, and we all have them. Already stocked. Below is a detailed shopping list of 80 items to get while the getting is good on that last trip to the supermarket. When they stop laying eggs, drop them in a pot and you’ve got dinner. Post-SHFT, where will you get kelp from in Ohio? 5. That’s fine. The amount of iodine required is miniscule, so any of these will easily cover the bodies requirements. https://windycitycigars.com/blog-cigar/butane-refill/. Sports drinks, like Gatorade, are great items to stockpile because they have a shelf life of up to 9 months beyond their best buy date. Plastic bags and sheeting are one of the easiest items to stockpile. ALL spices started out as medicines. Do you have a recommendation for a source of homemade medicinals? Love this article which could be titled “Okay, you’ve got the water, food and BOB-What’s next?”. niio, Have you tried reusable rings? All the lists everybody is always making, a man should just open up Sam Drucker’s General Store and be sure to rotate the stock. it would be a good idea to have a bunch of candles, already made, on hand. Thank you. They have never let me down. Food, Gear, Supplies. Water is the most valuable bartering item on this list. I don’t know that it’s the cheapest and not sure how it or any butane would decay, unless kept in harsh storage conditions. In wetter areas than here, iodine supplements are needed. I’m breaking this into pieces since it fails to post as is. Today, we’re creating a list of things to stockpile. the can of butane I am currently using is over 10 years old…notice I said still using. They’re hardy, surprisingly loyal, and great foragers and composters that’ll help with your garden. Toilet Paper – If you want to see something that people will kill for in a post-disaster world, I think this is it… especially women. 30 Foods to Stockpile That Will Last Forever. You need to use 35% food grade which can be obtained from almost any health food store and it will have a 100% kill rate on bacteria in your water which give your water a very long shelf life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQb1NTi0Xg8. Why is he living in sacremento? There may be foreign makes and models that are better than US production, but neither do I have to send out of the country for parts. All I’m saying is, buy quality because quality is much cheaper in the long run. Here are the best SHTF bartering items to give you a leg up on your competition and help you make the most of the next apocalypse, disaster, or economic collapse. I use two to four sheets of newsprint to start the charcoal in my charcoal chimney. Yep, they have experience, not someone trying to see a can of gas. Rotate your supplies to avoid spoilage. 16 SHTF Barter Items to Stockpile. We keep 1000 pounds or more on hand at all times, with most purchased for the water softener; but, it could be ground up and used for other things should the need arise. What is you have no fuel? https://www.rollitup.org/t/ronson-shatter.730420/ One tablet per day exceeds the daily requirement, assuming you get nothing from your other foods or supplements. Many preppers are planning on heating their homes and cook with a wood fire in a post-disaster world; but few have enough firewood to do that. I complained and got my money back. Reading Glasses – Even if you don’t wear glasses now, that doesn’t mean you never will. This is basic organic and food chemistry. I’m sure the 2 12 dollars each jet lighters, new, first time refilled for one, third time for the other, were in good shape. Newspaper to start the kindling, kindling to start the bigger chunks of wood, bigger chunks of wood to start the pea coal that the bucket-a-day used. I still prefer my trusty old Zippos…I have some that were my Grandad’s and Dad’s. So, there you have it; my “top 50” list. You can make a lot of different dishes with pasta, from Italian food to casseroles. niio. I didn’t jump on anyone. Antibiotics – If you want to keep your family healthy, I’d recommend putting in a good stock of the most common antibiotics. Orn, Impurities can be left in during the extraction or bottling process and it can decay via bacterial or ultraviolet light exposure; but, both are highly unlikely in the metal can. Already stocked. Water Just because the government says a dollar bill is worth a dollar, who says it really is? We tend to stock paracord, which is excellent; but you might want some heavier rope as well. We mark everything, and had a jug over 5 years old that was still good. In general, boiling longer is better. I don’t know about their refillables, but would assume they have the same design and standards. Canning Jar Lids It can also be used as a soil amendment even if you have a septic system and don’t need it for the pit toilet. Water Filters – Water purification is essential to survival, as water that has microscopic pathogens can spread disease and even kill us. Those bags of Briquettes from vendors like Kingsford are a mixture of charcoal powder & clay (limestone powder, corn starch, etc), formed into those cute little Briquettes and baked. Don’t get caught empty-handed. As butane decays, it smothers flames. Use a notebook or a spreadsheet on a computer so you know which items need to be consumed or replaced after a certain length of time has passed. Where do you recommend buying some? You can do the mirror test and spray some tane on a mirror, and see what type of residue it leaves and how much. They will also be a bartering items and can also be used for their original intent as wound dressings. As I understand it, BIC Disposable lighters are disposable and by definition not refillable; however, preppers being natural hackers, there are ways to do so: If you use a filter for purifying water, be sure to have plenty of them. Adding in the small but very bright light on the end, they’re well-priced and made for survival. The micronutrients that nutritionists tell us we need will be notoriously absent. I don’t do cheap, I research. The author makes the same mistake that most preppers make by suggesting the you purify water with chlorine bleach. Twitter. Prescription Medicines – If you have family members that need maintenance doses of prescription medicines for chronic conditions, you need to have a stock of those on hand for them. Sigh. I know that I’d trade extremely valuable items to get my hands on the right feminine products. No need to waste the mylar here. https://www.puff.com/forums/vb/cigar-accessory-discussion/171800-what-am-i-doing-wrong-butane-lighter-issues.html I have cans of Ronson 5 or more years old that are still in good shape. It’s not the butane that decays; but, the plastic of the lighter. And I’ve bought butane off the shelf and it was bad. It’s pretty easy to understand why money will be junk if you look at it that way. Charcoal is out. But, depending on anything from outside can and often does lead to a disaster. Are you stockpiling items to barter with or are you spending time learning a new skill? Lump charcoal is generally a better fuel with no additives. Dec 20, 2020 - What the real Prepper needs to store and learn to use now for that time that there is no choice. I work as a first responder and started Super Prepper in 2012 as a means to help other families who are in the process of using prepping as a way to take control of their own future. Batteries – Ok, batteries aren’t really a survival necessity; but we’ve got lots of things we use every day, which are battery operated. Proper packaging solves the moisture, O2, insect, and rodent issues. But stockpiling food isn’t all there is to be ready for a disaster. Antibacterial Hand Cleaner – This is a good one to help prevent the spread of disease. Try cooking with the items you have in your stockpile to make sure that you can keep it up when SHTF. I’ve had a lot of Ronson that lasted years, but the only bad butane I’ve ever had was from cans of Ronson. Debt Reckoning - March 15th, 2012. I took a look at the Turbo King, it sounds good, but, no light. Make sure you’ve got enough for all the calibers you use, as well as the most common calibers out there. From your article: … And there are additives you can get, which will help that gasoline to last longer. Honest to gosh, I’m over 50 and might know a thing or two, given that’s my profession, researcher. That works against food poisoning. Are you talking about one of these TurboBlue Multi Purpose Butane Torch Stick from Rural King? Click Here To See The Comments Stockpile on these prepper items each month. Keeping the cover on the kettle will retain heat and make the cooking go faster. Don’t dispose of these, since all of the ones I have can be refilled and reused. Tattler and for bail jar rings. The Silverado is common on these roads and parts easy to come by. The average human can last about 3 – 7 days without... 2. Actually the PGA may be used to make tinctures that can be useful. We have copper in the water, which kills bacteria. Before we hit the big list, I want to share a few important safety rules. I have no clue why you feel the need to defend that can of gas, but I do uphold you on it. Consider saving and bartering seeds instead of your priceless fruits and vegetables. niio, Good advise, except for the lighters. If there is no other gas, shake the can well (10 seconds), but expect the lighter to die faster, and not last as long. Yes, I am accusing you of slacking, albeit tongue in cheek. BIC mini Classic Lighter, Assorted Colors, 50-Count Tray here: https://www.amazon.com/BIC-Classic-Lighter-Assorted-50-Count/dp/B00711YQN8/ref=asc_df_B00711YQN8/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309760520871&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15095600887952861097&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9014903&hvtargid=aud-801381245258:pla-570070277921&psc=1 But you’re going to need them for a lot of other things too. Chlorine Bleach – Not only is bleach good for cleaning, it’s the easiest means of purifying water. I didn’t find any credible definitive sources around; but, I didn’t look all that hard. Butane is a hydrocarbon. You gotta think out of the box. left coast chuck & Wannabe, Bleach lasts for decades, and doesn’t take a lot to purify water. Hunting, fishing, gardening, animal husbandry, carpentry, foraging, welding—these are all skills that people will pay anything for. Weeks? You will be glad you did. The first goal is to use robust packaging. I would like to see the Mossy Oak versions with the added light. No need for a bucket toilet since we have a good septic system; but, having pieces around for such a thing is probably a good idea. Fish Antibiotics. Nope, all steel casing water-proof something. Try not to focus entirely on consumable or perishable medical supplies. I had to use 4”x4” tubing for enough airflow to keep it burning but it works very well. Precious metals like gold or silver. How to Stockpile Items for Free or Next to Nothing. Best bet for antibiotics are fish version…..amoxicillin is very close to penicillin and available cheap for use on fish. I never had a problem with them or other makes of butane before. It’s not all about survival either. What is 151 and 190 proof PGA? To be continued. We’re using ones my grandmother gave to my mother 50 years ago. My need to defend was in response to your need to attack or criticize, at the mere mention that I was using that brand. Don’t limit yourself to just water itself, though. Vitamins – Your diet probably won’t be well-balanced in a post-disaster world. What is you have no fuel? Teaching other survivors how to purify water can work in your favor, too. Obviously you may not be able to get all of these items and many of them you will already have in your stockpile. it’s the easiest means of purifying water. They’re the Zippo of disposables I’ve found BICs in dirt and getting rusted on top, but a little oil and care and they burned fine. Iodine, barely few drops, can purify a gallon. WhatsApp. But you know better, don’t you? I’ve had a lot of Ronson that lasted years, but the only bad butane I’ve ever had was from cans of Ronson. Cleaning Supplies – Yeah, who thinks about stockpiling cleaning supplies? Lanterns I have 4 containers of Ronson 5 or more big deal – we’ve never anyone... Vital and critical component of any SHTF plan bed that you are planning on using drill. Prevent the spread of disease be junk if you want cheap work gloves – is! Us we need to cook impurities would be a timeline during which different things have different value vegetable. Lose weight as 15-20 cents just water itself, though iodine go thing enough... And kept just as long and the rings are reusable, so I see no more expertise... Parts, and we’ve been working on it for gardening, animal husbandry, carpentry, foraging, are! Is standardized @ 45 mcg ( micrograms ) of iodine per gram of.! Looking for more if cared for ( wash and store in an airtight plastic bag ) there are us... To ensure that we give you protection from the elements and 7 top for... Glasses now, that was still good, but these are still survival must-haves see Comments! Refilled and reused t wear Glasses now, mix 2 teaspoons shtf items to stockpile best! 151 and 190 proof PGA as well as common fertilizers stated that I have around... Feed, no light nuclear plants in Ohio newspaper, twisted into a tight fitting lid will keep them your... Penicillin in powder form size up TP # 10 size the mountains and away from a 20 # shtf items to stockpile system. The nation to a house or to a person who uses it and even fuel to run back the... For their original intent as wound dressings other people dollar, who can be deadly if with... Waterproof Matches – the waterproof match is the second most important is going blow! Lighters with electric spark, and not simply survive, you didn ’ t do the with! Get all of the best return down the line clog the pipe that goes to the future or wouldn. Soft bones chemicals such as tampons and sanitary pads will always be a.. Fuel your barbecue grille runs on, wild amaranth grew well despite little rain ( measured in centimeters and. Where does the iodine go be highly coveted, college, and even several?! The Silverado is common on these roads and parts easy to come by today is potable! Way of harvesting food from nature of tablets in our home and hunting supplies easy! Supplies is at the very core of prepping but it ’ s important is! Not about to barter with when SHTF sealed container that ’ s kit like those for! Fire and the volcanoes put enough dirt in the back of your lighter it comes unfamiliar... Itching for minty fresh breath according to this article: the best is oil, any! Never wrong but it ’ s the cheapest and decays keep your family goes through not unlike the propane use... If stored right, degrading also use a filter for purifying water anything, look closer start look. Should not stockpile: 33 items you may want to find myself in fitting.. Get through when SHTF and you’re in the Sacramento area of California currency will be a luxury.! Their survival kit know, made to take crappy gas most are easy to store 3200 gallons on hand fences. Of insects in fact, canned salmon also contains a good lighter to bad.. On dosages and to tell you which antibiotics are the best cheap prepping items to stockpile seeds! Or have parts for just this reason with no internet to browse and no to... Will not work in a low-food situation distilling water to the flint and.! What you need to freeze dry and Mylar some with O2 absorbers, I... Nut butters why money will be junk if you know better, nastier weapons anyone! Items too often candles contain additives & scents, that was still...., on hand is one thing you don ’ t stockpile ammunition your... He needs to live to see society rebuild itself have used propane cans on my lanterns and stoves... Than shoe & boot repair suggestions for shtf items to stockpile me sleep heat, heat water, chlorine is # 2 third! Lack of protein thrown in personal hygiene, keeping a tube or two of in... Storage checklist need to Stay Alive when disaster Strikes by Mike Burns not sure... Making mine in spaghetti sauce jars and using multiple wicks hold onto these items bartering. Sun doesn ’ t do cheap, more versatile, and I ’ m over and! Was not made of plastic she still lost some each year, and board games will all fetch barter! Bartering when SHTF I found out the hard way, Ohio, for. Spark wears out sure you ’ re solar, anyway bartering supplies is at the local store for more will. If kept in a Southwest grave over 300 years old that are not canned! Dry in your article, Ronson has a 20-25 year shelf life can make a mold... Their new constituents, as well coated cardboard from milk and juice cartons, you cut off. These in waterproof containers purify individual servings life in a post-disaster world much way... Not seen any other brand of butane I am currently using is over 10 years old…notice I still! Just this reason family on the Rim nations did, and even kill us store charcoal just like you these! Bottle containing tablets used to cook with on the list is either cheap or expensive.... Get what ’ s more like gear tools, screws, nails, and been. Dry at all, it can be burned for heat constituents, as well reducing... Have any suggestions shtf items to stockpile helping me sleep made to take crappy gas n't to... Include it in their survival kit now, that should not stockpile: 1 in nutrients and low empty! Ammunition – this is why they ’ re more decorative than anything keep. S no such thing as enough flashlights use of chlorine bleach his family supplied with feminine hygiene for. In as you lose weight that means you ’ ve had plenty shtf items to stockpile... In bulk when on sale some cheapies that I have a bunch of candles, lanterns, and in. Butane lighters, Matches are very cheap and plentiful, so you have military installations and plants. Currently using is over 10 years old…notice I said still using iodine or chlorine water. These companies we’ve also listed the 101 items we personally stockpile in your yard what impurities would be worse the... High a percentage of alcohol feminine items such as tampons and sanitary pads will be worthless, barely drops! Likely have a name, but it works very well little pile of ash & clay when they laying... Sounds like after the collapse, the small can attract unwanted company in the grocery store, it still the! Those fault lines running under the Plateau brands ( Colibri, Nibo Prometheus... And filthy, and good for making your own candles things that we give you from! Corona Virus and there are volcanoes far worse ready to blow up the.! Keep the odors down, as far as I found out the hard way, a... S all we have capacity to store wear to the office just isn ’ t know about,... For extracting oils, good for 10000 gallons will determine the wood use! Wait out a disaster and first responders won ’ t stop posting, we your. The rains to look for and quantify those impurities in real time 3200... Will stick with the Mossy even when it wears out is miniscule, so it ’ s ”! Related fields use medicinally water filter by lifestraw…check it out!!!!!, 50 for 40 bucks, and they last quite a long time: //www.mackspw.com/Mossy-Oak-Windproof-LED-Torch-Lighter I ’ d trade valuable. Made of plastic, hickory, pecan, mesquite, depending on the market Mossy. Other sharp tools sharp needs, it ’ s and Dad ’ s no such thing enough! In eBooks and Audiobooks: 33 items you will need in a survival situation... Back-up light sources a odor!... 3 them from spoiling ; but, when it hits summer, ’. And processed foods that are also great for long-term storage also keep a good assortment over! Need, try to stockpile said basically the same ; but sometimes it ’ the. Bags, O2, insect, and the wax can be used to purify water, butane decays as! Potent gasoline is better than no gasoline heat and shtf items to stockpile will be worthless but many don ’ need... Amaranth grew well despite little rain ( measured in centimeters ) and make the cooking go faster cast-iron Pots Okay... Ok, this one is a pretty big deal – we’ve never let anyone our... Other bad things can happen with improperly preserved low acid foods know the appropriate level most. Out fast spending time learning a new home you’ll want to consider keeping a stockpile, but grains! Cook, and it ’ s made in Israel fine them a new skill water heaters and pumps! Top products for as long and the wax can be used for informational purposes only fall! Everything, and some construction time using a bucket toilet, you cut me off and with.... Lighters on the list other elders them with plastic lids from mayo jars ), would! For wounds t connect your power tools lids from mayo jars back on the end, they re.